Monday, January 26, 2015

January is almost over?!?!

I can't believe the first month of the new year is almost over. It seems that it just flew by also. I guess us staying busy really made it seem to go by so fast. Hard to believe.

Last week we got to visit Legoland. (Review coming!!). Monster had his 2nd piano lesson! He is doing great so far with it. We were also just busy with school work. Monster is getting so close to being done with 2nd grade! I am so proud of how he is doing!

Today, he woke up, ate and got right to work!

He started in LifePacs. He did lessons 2.1-2.9 today. He did fantastic! Got all of his Spelling words correct while we went over them. Today we talked about Fact vs. Fiction and Analogies.

In Math today he did 3 lessons without even noticing it! They were all easy and simple lessons so I thought "why not!" I was teaching him one lesson about using the symbols <,>,= and he told me he already knew how to do that because he has played a game on the computer where the alligator eats the bigger number...well ok then. 

We were suddenly interrupted with our schooling when this started taking place right outside Monsters window. We of course had to stop working and watch them. Monster was fascinated with them. He wanted to know how the truck made the man go up. He wanted to know how he got back down. We talked about his job and what the man was doing. The guy on the ground was standing in the road and put on a bright green vest. Monster wanted to know why. So I explained. We got to watch how the man then came down and got out. While we were watching them we also played Spot the Difference between each man and each truck. That was Monsters idea and he found some good ones! After they left he finished up Math! 

We have not done much History this year. Our curriculum we got did not work well for Monster. I thought he did not retain anything from it. At Christmas my Aunt, who also home-schools, gave me some Learn our History DVD's. Monster sat down today and watch The Birth of a Revolution. I know he is a little young to really understand all of it, but he learns better through DVD's and audio when it comes to these. He really seemed to enjoy it. 

Today he is also working on his piano lessons. His teacher gives him assignments for the week and he works on them. 

This week, it is so nice here in Texas. We have decide we will be going to the Dallas Zoo one day this week! Ticket prices are only $5 a person and since the weather is so nice it is the perfect time to go! 

Stay tuned! I will be posting our review on what we thought of the Grapevine Legoland. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


I love weekends. I love being able to get up and spend time with my family together. This weekend Monster and Hubby cooked breakfast together. It was so sweet. I actually remembered to get my camera out and capture a few pictures.

I love these moments. 

Weekends go by way too fast too. Monster will be 8 in less than a month and I just can't believe it. Seems days go by faster than they used to. 

This weekend, other than breakfast, Monster played with the neighbor boys, we went to Ikea and Stonebriar Mall, The Disney store and had dinner with some great friends. Oh that was just Saturday too. 

Sunday was much more relaxed. I had a photo shoot, Hubby helped at church, lunch at home, Monster playing with the neighbor boys again, Awanas, home and dinner. Hubby and I got in some HIMYM time too :) 

Today is a holiday for the schools around us. Monster is still working on school work. I am being very laid back about it though. He is being allowed to watch Magic School Bus while doing his Lifepac and that is normally not allowed. He will have 2 lessons in Math today and I am looking for a video maybe to watch on Netflix about Martin Luther King. 

Simple Monday, yet just enough :) 

Monday, January 12, 2015


Today we started things a little different. Monster did not even get up till right after 11:00am. Crazy, I know! After he got up I made him bowl of his favorite cereal. His request.

Instead of jumping straight into school work like we normally have done, I had him pick between two toys to do. He choose the Zoobs. Which I love!

He made a cell phone out of the Zoobs! 

Next, I had him work on Language Arts. I went ahead and gave him his Spelling test for the week. He got them all right. Since he has worksheets over his Spelling words I figure at least he is still reviewing them. He knows them all for LifePacs 2 Unit 8. This week he is working on learning about Stories and what they have in them. So he had some vocabulary words I made him write out on a card and then write what it means on the other side. (Ex: characters, plot, etc.)

In Math we did expanded form today. So easy and even Monster told me, while I was teaching it, that is was so easy and he already knew how to do it. Well I had problems written out on the board so I had him go through and finish them... sure enough he got them all correct. We reviewed his 10 tables and then he did his worksheet. Super easy. ( We did not do Math until after lunch and after he played with his Snap Circuits!)

After Language, we stopped and had lunch. While I ate, he played with his Snap Circuits. He loves them.

This really worked out for us today. Instead of jumping in and doing all the work at once, we spread it out and he had time to engage in another activity before starting his next work. Tomorrow we add in Science. I still don't have much for History at the moment. I am trying to figure out a way to throw some in, but I know next year at co-op he will be taking a History class there!

Monster also starts piano class on Wednesday! I am very excited for this for him. I won't have any pictures though since he goes in alone. Helps him be less distracted. I am hoping he will like actually taking a class. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


So it is Sunday and I am writing this post late. 

This is from Wednesday. 

In Math Monster started learning multiplication. In Saxon Math, they starts with the tens first. Monster had to use cereal and make a set of tens. Then he had to count how many sets he made. We then discusses how counting each set of tens gives us the answers to ? x 10... He did very well with this. After his lesson he was able to do the times worksheet. I have to time him for 1 minute and he got all the way to the last 5 before time was up! It is sort of weird though to me that he learned it and now it doesn't bring any times tables back for a few more lessons. Just something I noticed going through his work for next week.  

Monster also worked on his Awanas book. He is not into it much this year and I am really having to make him work on it. I am trying to make him more responsible for remembering to work on his verse. Next year will be more important and he needs to know now it is something he needs to be responsible for! 

We ended up not having our co-op this week too. We were supposed to start back but the heaters in the church where it is held were not working. Since it is cold they did not want us there and freezing! So on Friday we just hung out at home and did nothing! It was greatness. 

Monster got some really fun things for Christmas this year and I think I am going to write up some post reviews on a few of the items he got! I know some followers might really enjoy them for their children! 

Oh and I have my first product for a review for The Schoolhouse Review Crew being sent, so I can't wait to get that and start that process! I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone! 

Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today was a good day. We started off by having breakfast, getting ready (and by that I mean actually putting on real clothes!) and went to World Market. I love that we can just go out and walk to these stores! If we had a grocery store and a Target within walking distance I don't think we would ever move! 

Back on track. We went to World Market to pick up some coconut oil. While we were there they had this beautiful green desk! It was on sale for $99. If I had had the cash right then I would of bought it! I loved it! World Market is becoming a favorite store of mine! 

This was in the check out line. He asked for candy. I said no. This was his face I got. This kid... I mean Thor! 

When we got home we had lunch and worked on Language. One of the things he is working on in his LifePac is writing letters. Monster already does well with this. He used to write to a pen pal. He asked me why we had to learn to write letters when their is email and that is faster. Well, Um, Because your LifePac wants you to learn! Now finish it! Moving on. 

Already did his Spelling them all correct. This week we were talking about Homonyms. He was actually coming up with some of his own too! 

Math was super easy today. He is doing fine with subtraction. I think yesterday was just getting back in the groove of things. Tomorrow we start... MULTIPLICATION! It seems easy now. We start with the 10's tomorrow. I swear when I learned we started with the 1's and went from there, but starting with the 10's kind of makes sense because then you are knocking out the 0's, 1's, and 10's all at the same time! Who knew. 

After Math I had Monster read for 30 minutes. He went from Thor to Batman during this time. He is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 1. He thinks it is funny so at least it is working for us. 

After he read we did Science. We are still using our Magic School Bus kits we get. Today we discussed why you feel like you are still spinning even though you stopped spinning. I let him spin around and then told him to stop. That was fun. We then put glitter in a bottle of water and I showed him how spinning the water bottle and then stopping it you can see how the glitter keeps spinning. We talked about fluid being in our ears and that when we spin the fluid in there spins. When we stop the fluid still spins some so that is why we still feel dizzy when we stop. Interesting enough I did not know that until I read it in our book! Hey we all learned something today! 

My batman! 

Watching the glitter spin. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to School (after winter break!)

I love homeschooling... while several people were going to work, rushing kids out the doors to school or daycare, people sitting in traffic, we were home... sleeping. I slept till 8:30 when Monster woke me up because he was dreaming about something funny and was actually laughing in his sleep. I dozed back off for about two hours, got up and made some breakfast while Monster slept. Till 11:30... Yeah guess he choose today to catch up on his sleep! 

After he got up he decided he wanted one donut. Yep just the one and then chicken nuggets with oranges since it was lunch time. Well ok then.

We started our school day by 12:15 p.m. He started with Language, which is still going great and almost done with! 

In Math he did two lessons which were super easy! I noticed he might be having trouble with subtraction or it might be the fact we just came back from a two week break and he needs to refresh! Wednesday we start multiplication. 

I don't really have much for History right now. We quit using our curriculum months ago because it wasn't working. I do want him to learn his states and capitals, so I downloaded that Stack the States game on his ipad for him to play and he seems to like it. My Aunt (who also home schools her girls) gave me some great things over the holiday so we might start studying presidents too! 

For Science we decided to do Human body this week and next. I got the kit from the Magic School Bus in the mail right before the holidays. This will be perfect. I already have some great and fun ideas for this one that I pinned. 

Today, he also started a new book. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He got the set for Christmas so this was great to start the new year off with a new book! 

It is 4:49 pm and instead of Monster asking to play his xbox like he has the last week, he is playing Stack the States! Yay for fun and educational apps! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Can it be?

Christmas break is over starting tomorrow? I mean I feel like it just started! Monster has had a good break too.

I will say I think come Monday morning he is going to have a hard time. He has really enjoyed his new Xbox games and his Ipad mini he got. I am going to try to find some games to put on the mini to use for homeschooling. Just haven't found the right ones yet.

Today he has built a fort to hide in while he plays on the mini.

I love him.

Tonight we have Awanas starting back up. Kind of like that to help us get back in the grove before Monday morning. I know I might have a hard time too with getting back in the groove.

Until tomorrow...