Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Getting a little caught up here. We have been super busy.

Monster is now enjoying:

  • Homeschooling Monday-Thursday
  • Co-op every Friday (Junior Lego engineering, Art, Choir)
  • Awanas Sunday evenings
  • Flag Football (practice Monday nights, games Saturday mornings)till the end of Oct.
  • Church on Saturday nights (his large and small group time)
  • Church Sunday mornings with me (Service time)
  • Play dates and field trips all in between!! 
And people say we don't socialize our children! We are super busy and I feel like the older he gets the busier we get. Today we had a pretty easy but busy day. Monster and I worked on his Language (which he mostly does alone since "it's so easy!"). Then I had him get dressed and we went walking around for awhile outside at the mall. We walked over to Barnes and Noble and got him a few new books as well. 

Monster finished reading Charlotte's Web. I was worried about him getting upset when Charlotte dies (he cried with the giving tree) he did well when it ended. So I thought ok, lets watch the movie now since he hasn't seen it. Poor kid cried his eyes out when Charlotte died! I guess the movie was harder since he was watching it take place! 

This time we got A Wrinkle in Time. Hoping this one goes better! Also, he is reading The Three Musketeers. 

After getting back, we worked on Math. He is working through Saxon Math really well. I am actually considering buying Teaching Textbooks and having him go ahead and start 3rd grade math. He just seems bored. I figure we can do Saxon together and then later he can do Teaching Textbooks alone. We can see how well it goes. 

History we are still working on learning about the 13 original colonies. I have found some great books to go along with this as well that are in his reading basket to help him learn more about them. 

Science we are still working on solar systems. Last week he created a solar system and then wrote facts about each one on the planet! Going to hang it up in his room. He did very well with this! Today we talked about seeing in the dark vs light. And how white light vs red light works better in the dark. 

I got some new canvases from Michaels. Again they had these on sale. This time was buy 3 for the price of 1. So I got 3 for $7! Perfect! Now I got to find us a new Art project for our wall! 

Here is Monster this morning and just a few of what he did. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Verb and Noun Invitation

This last week I found these awesome little magnetic sight words at our local Dollar Tree.  They are great. I set up this invitation this morning not thinking he would actually go to it, but he did. I put the pieces in a box and let him find the words. He had to separate them out by Nouns and Verbs.  He did very well with this. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Balloon Painting

Today we painted with balloons!! Monster loved this. He is starting his Art class tomorrow at co-op, which he is very excited about, so I let him do some Art today. I got a large canvas, paint and balloons. He went to town making a beautiful picture for me to hang on our Art wall. 

This is excitement here. He thought the pattern on the bottom of the balloon was so cool when it was lifted off the canvas. 

So serious! 

"So neat"

Another beautiful masterpiece by Monster! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Melted Crayon Art

This was an interesting project we did this week. I even got to turn it into a Science lesson. We talked about how the solid (crayon) turned into a liquid (using the heat), then back into a solid once it was cool. Monster enjoyed did but Mom did have to help some (I had to hold the blow dryer for the most part). I love how it tuned out and can't wait to hang it up! 


Here is what we did:
  • We used a large canvas I had just purchased from Michaels. They had them on sale 2 for $4.99
  • Crayola Crayons unwrapped (I swear those things used to be so much easier to peel off when I was a kid!) 
  • Hair Dryer
Simple as that! Monster is not a HUGE fan of getting his hands dirty or mixing colors, but when the colors did mix he thought it was so cooool... (his words). He ended up pushing the crayon around with a pair of tweezers. I suggest for littler children using a smaller canvas. Since Monster will be taking a Art class this year at co-op I am trying to do more Art with him at home to get him ready for it. This was just one project on our list!

Week 4

This has been a pretty lax week. We have managed to get all of our work done and some fun time in too! All the kids in our area went back to school this week. So on the first day of their back to school we went swimming. I knew the pool would be pretty much empty and it was great.

Yesterday my SIL came over with her daughter and the little girl she keeps and we did the famous milk in a bowl project. The kids loved it. We are thinking about doing a once a week Science experimenting day where we get the kids together and do a big project. I have so many ideas that I have pinned to do with them. My niece is four as is the other little girl!

We did this with:

  • Shallow bowls
  • WHOLE milk
  • BLUE DAWN dish soap
  • Food coloring
  • q-tips

We actually did it once till it wouldn't mix anymore then dumped it all out and did it again. I learned that if you add more dish soap and sit and watch it, it will separate more. It was neat to watch. 

Monster loved it so much we showed DH when he got home from work! 

Another fun thing we did this week was create a light table! I have been wanting to make one for him for awhile and so I finally did! I am now looking for other items that would work on this for his age group. 

So far we found these cool spiders, made a couple color bottles and some slime. I also found some letters I will be ordering soon for him to use to work on spelling words. Yesterday while at Walmart I thought of a great way for him to use the light table for Math but I needed transparency sheets. Yeah they don't sell them anymore.... I was bummed out. Hoping I can find some at a office store this weekend. We also bought some planets to use on the light table. We took them apart so it was just half of them so they would work better. Monster wants to put them back together though and hang them from his ceiling (thats what they are made to do) so we may be doing that this weekend as well. 

Right now though, Monster is sick :( He has been running a fever since last night. He is asleep and resting at the moment. I am hoping he feels better soon. He hardly ever gets sick. 

More fun post coming soon!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

This weekend

We were BUSY!!!

We started out Friday going to the opening ceremonies for the corporate challenge in our area. My husbands company is involved this year for their 1st year. We went to support them! Besides getting to eat 3 snow cones! Monsters favorite part was playing in the fountains!

We went Saturday to watch his company play in the 1st event which was Volleyball! Then headed to church! Sunday we went back to church, then back to watch more volleyball (which we ended up missing :( ) and then back to church to help out at open house for Awanas. Monster will be starting his 2nd grade Awanas this year! We also have decided at the last minute to sign him up for flag football through our church! Dad is coaching too!!! YAY! That was our busy weekend! Hope everyone else had a great weekend also!